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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

If you're reading this, welcome to my very first blog post! I really struggled with whether or not to even have blog posts on my website, but ultimately decided to go with it. Following in the footsteps of my favorite authors, I promise these will not be long, posted too frequently, or involve anything other than book/writing updates (with the exception of a possible cat picture here or there).

If you've checked out the "About" section of my website, you already know the most important things about me, but here are a few others fun facts, in case you're curious:

  • I'm a Capricorn

  • I love coffee

  • I'm an avid animal conservationist and highly recommend checking out the following organizations working hard to make a difference in the lives of creatures everywhere:

  1. Wolf Conservation Center:

  2. Skydog Ranch & Animal Sanctuary:

  3. The Medicine Horse Project:

  4. Bat World Sanctuary:

  5. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

I took the picture below while walking on a local trail, and it's going to be my theme for 2022...BREAK ON THROUGH! I'm going to look at this image, listen to that classic song by The Doors, and do exactly what both encourage...break on through my fears and walk the path that's been waiting for me to choose it. My name is Katie, and I'm an author.

Stay tuned, because it's going to be a very interesting journey.

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Apr 17, 2023

One of our most FUN camping times was breakfast with the bats at Carlsbad Caverns - they only hold it once/year and we just happened to be driving through at the right time. Bats are so cool!

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